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Monitor Audio Monitor MR6

2.410,00 LEI
Monitor MR6
24 luni
Monitor Audio
Pret detaliat:  2.410,00 LEI - pretul include TVA
 0733 79 29 27
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2.410,00 RON

Descriere produs:

In designing the Monitor MR series, Monitor Audio has not so much raised the bar as propelled
it to a new dimension. We’ve taken the hugely successful, award-winning Bronze Reference
Series back to the blue print and re-tuned, optimising every detail to re-define our meaning
of entry-level. Equipped to compete with many more expensive offerings from rival brands
and capable of jaw-dropping audio resolution in two-channel and multi-channel systems.
Aesthetically it’s a class a part as well. Utilising a stunning pearlescent vinyl finish and vastly
improved terminal panels, the six slender Monitor Reference models are gorgeous to look at
and effortlessly easy to live with. Setting our new benchmark for style, performance and value,
the Monitor MR series elevates in every way the reference standard for entry-level loudspeaker
design. A potent new listening experience is released.

The most distinguished and compelling of them all, the MR6 adds effortless authority to the long list of Monitor Reference virtues. Embraced by a beautifully slim floor standing cabinet, the MR6’s 2 1/2-way system comprises a 1” C-CAM® tweeter, supported by two 6.5” MMP®II bass drivers and a single 6.5” MMP®II bass/mid-range driver mounted within dedicated chambers. Its powerful driver complement and sophisticated cabinet structure work together to lend performances an immense sense of scale and muscularity while revealing the finest high frequency detail. The MR6’s elegant proportions and excellent aesthetic qualities will blend unobtrusively with décor, but its sonic abilities are sure to make an enduring impact.

Improved cabinet and terminal panel design: The floor-standing MR4 and MR6 models have discrete internal chambers providing an optimised air-load for their bass and bass/mid-range drivers, giving improved efficiency and midrange clarity. A new ‘out-rigger’ design for the footings of the MR4 and MR6 offers greater stability and aesthetic effect, while a new high-quality terminal panel blends easy access with high-end functionality and appearance.

New C-CAM® tweeter: Advanced software simulation has allowed us to optimise the tweeter design bringing higher sensitivity and wider bandwidth to reveal the finest high frequency detail all the way up to 30kHz. We’ve developed a sophisticated new tweeter chamber with graduated damping which controls undesirable resonances for a smoother more accurate response.

New MMP® mid-range drivers: The MR mid-range driver incorporates the pointed metal phase dome utilised by our award-winning RS series speakers. Lending greater concentric rigidity to the voice-coil, this innovation greatly improves on and off-axis response in the critical mid-range region for life-like timbre and voices. Shorter voice coils and more agile motor assemblies give the drivers an improved transient response and higher overall efficiency.

New MMP® bass drivers: Using a combination of detailed FEA analysis and improved material specification we’ve developed a new, stronger driver chassis together with a more precise motor system for greater accuracy and deeper, faster bass and far greater excursion without distortion.

New crossovers: Crossover design has been refined for each system using high quality components, skilfully arranged to reduce distortion for clean signal transfer. The new PCB layouts incorporating new laminated steel core inductors and audiophile-grade polypropylene capacitors keep signal paths as short as possible while isolating the components themselves from cross interaction and mutual coupling.

  • boxe de podea
  • incinta tip bass reflex, camera dubla cu port fata/spate
  • putere RMS: 150 W
  • amplificator recomandat: 40-150 W
  • raspuns in frecventa: 33Hz-30kHz
  • impedanta: 6 Ohmi
  • sensibilitate: 90 dB
  • 2 x 6.5" MMP II Bass
  • 1 x 6.5" MMP II Bass mid-range
  • 1 x 1" tweeter gold dome C-CAM
  • dimensiuni (H x W x D): 970 x 200 x 300 mm
  • greutate: 17.4 kg
  • finisaje pe black si walnut


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